Belgian military relations with Israel

According to the Flemish minister of economic affairs Ceyens no weapons or components are exported to Israel, writes newspaper the Standaard. This can be doubted.

Read the press release of Belgium's Vredesactie about arms transfers through Bierset (Liege) airport in Dutch and in french. See the documentary about Bierset of TerZake. Also an interview with Vredesactie's Hans Lammerant at MO.

Activist did a fake ElAl promotion action on Brussels holiday fairon februari 7 2010

Read the common press release of Vredesactie (B) and Campagne tegen Wapenhandel (NL) about arms exports and transits (in English). Questions are asked in the Flemish parliament bij SP.a and in the Wallonian parliament by Ecolo.

Military Israel and belgian companies two sides of one coin. Flemmish article of Vrede & Vredesactie in newspaper De Morgen of 22/01/2009.