'no money for violence' wins award

16 dec. 2011 OxfamNovib Network -- With the project No Money for Violence the Control Arms Campaign won the ASN Bank World Prize 2011.

The Campaign against the Arms Trade has been supported by Oxfam Novib via Linkis for years. Through the project No Money for Violence, the Campaign against the Arms Trade wants to exert pressure on financial institutions to withdraw their investments from EADS, one of the biggest arms manufacturers in Europe, for as along as it produces military material. EADS produces, among others, combat airplanes, rockets, unmanned planes (so-called drones) and nuclear weapons.

financing action

Winning the ASN Bank World Prize also delivers an amount of € 10,000 for the Campaign against the Arms Trade. This allows it to finance the action with which it is bringing EADS to the public’s attention. Think of using social media like Facebook and Twitter, blogs from countries where EADS has branches and/or to which it supplies arms, and its own website stopwapenhandel.org

stockholders meeting

Towards the action’s end the annual stockholders meetings in Amsterdam will be visited. Some stock was bought for the purpose of being able to raise questions. ‘We want to address above all arms supplies to dictators and the production of new nuclear weapons. EADS should not get away with the excuse like ‘it isn’t illegal’ to produce weapons. What isn’t banned can still be ethically and morally irresponsible. After the stockholders meeting we’ll sell the stocks immediately, because of course we don’t what to share in the arms industry’s profits’, says the Campaign on its site.

Libyan civil war

Wendela de Vries of the Campaign against the Arms Trade says that her organisation has been able to research EADS’ arms exports to developing countries, with the support of Oxfam Novib’s programme Linkis. ‘It revealed, e.g., that EADS’ weapons were deployed by all warring parties in the Libyan civil war, by the rebels and Khadafi, as well as by Western troops shelling Khadafi’s forces. Until five days before the start of the shelling Tripoli EADs had an office in the Libyan capital for selling arms to Khadafi.’

Control Arms and Fair Bank Guide

Through Linkis Oxfam Novib gives subsides and advice to organisations in the Netherlands committed to a just world without poverty. Via Oxfam International Oxfam Novib is part of the international Control Arms Campaign , a campaign for a better control of the trade in and use of arms, which also includes Amnesty International and IANSA. In the Netherlands this campaign is conducted by Amnesty Netherlands, IKV Pax Christi and Oxfam Novib. The campaign’s goal is to encourage the international community to adopt a legally binding international Arms Trade Treaty.

The Fair Bank Guide is a site where the social corporate responsibility of Dutch banks is compared. Oxfam Novib was one of its initiators. It was successful, after the publication of a research into investments in the controversial arms trade and production, in getting several banks to tighten their arms policies.