Arms trade to Israel

Weblog Disarm the Conflict informs about arms trade and military relations between Europe and Israel. Military relations with Israel could make Europe complicit in human rights violations and the aggravation of the armed conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. To prevent this, the EU and European countries could impose an embargo on military trade with Israel, as well as on common training and military research.   lees meer »

Israël nog net geen lid van de NAVO

Vredesmagazine nr. 4 2011 -- Wendela de Vries In februari 2005 bezocht Jaap de Hoop Scheffer als eerste secretaris-generaal van de NAVO Israël. De maand daarop hielden Israël en de NAVO hun eerste gezamenlijke marineoefening in de Rode Zee. lees meer »

Italian military relations with Israel

The Italian arms export law makes a distinction between two categories of weapons: 1) For military use (licences and deliveries) whose export is regulated by Law 185/1990 2) Small arms and ammunitions for security and personal defence, sport and hunting whose export is regulated by Law 110/1975. lees meer »

European anti-arms trade network endorses international call for Israel arms embargo

11 July 2011-European anti-arms trade groups have endorsed international calls for an arms embargo on Israel. lees meer »

European Union miltary relations with Israel

Arms export to Israel is not in line with the 8 EU criteria for arms export. The EU criteria clearly prohibits export of military equipment if there is a clear risk that the proposed export might be used for internal repression (criteria 2), provoke or prolong armed conflicts or aggravate existing tensions or conflicts in the country of final destination (criteria 3) or if there is a clear risk that the intended recipient would use the proposed export aggressively against another country or to assert by force a territorial claim (criteria 4) . Export to Israel through third countries and transfer of (mainly American ) military goods through EU sea and air ports are not tested against the EU arms export criteria at all.  lees meer »

Dutch military relations with Israel

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been a major transit ports for arms transfers (mainly ammunition and bullet parts) for many years. lees meer »

Belgian military relations with Israel

According to the Flemish minister of economic affairs Ceyens no weapons or components are exported to Israel, writes newspaper the Standaard. This can be doubted. lees meer »

British military relaions with Israel

Campaign Against Arms Trade has protested against arms exports to Israel since the Lebanon War in 2006. lees meer »

Finnish military relations with Israel

Committee of 100 in Finland investigates cooperation with israeli arms industry. lees meer »

French military relations with Israel

For an analysis of French-Israeli relations see France-Israel: From military to security cooperation June 2011 Rapports d’organisations internationales Qui arme Israël et le Hamas ? La paix pass(é)e par les armes? lees meer »

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