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European Elections: What are politicians really doing on crucial issues?

FRIENDS OF THE EARTH EUROPE, VREDESACTIE, CAMPAGNE TEGEN WAPENHANDEL Tuesday, 6 May, 2014 European Elections: What are politicians really doing on crucial issues? New website tracks votes on shale gas, GMOs, climate, arms trade and militarisation lees meer »

European arms exports to Middle East reach record high in aftermath of Arab Spring

PRESS RELEASE --28 January 2014 -- The publication of the "Fifteenth Annual Report on Control of Exports of Military Technology and Equipment" reveals that in 2012 European Union (EU) countries licensed arms exports valued at €39.9 billion. This included a record €9.7 billion in licensed sales to the Middle East, an increase of 22% since 2011. lees meer »

EU military spending is 'elephant in the room' and key factor in European debt crisis, argues new report

Amsterdam, 15 April 2013 - At a time of harsh cuts in social services, it is morally unjustifiable to spend money on weapons that should be invested in creating jobs and tackling poverty. lees meer »

PRESS RELEASE EU arms embargo on Syria should not be amended, say peace groups.

30-01-2013 -- Groups organised in the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) strongly oppose any moves to amend the current EU arms embargo on Syria as proposed by the United Kingdom. A proposal to do so, to enable military equipment to be sent to anti-Assad groups, will most likely be presented to the Council of the European Union by the UK on Thursday 31 January. lees meer »

PRESS RELEASE Large increase in EU arms exports – but ..

10 January 2013--Large increase in EU arms exports revealed – but annual report is untransparent, incomplete and unpublicised The “Fourteenth Annual Report on Exports Control of Military Technology and Equipment” reveals that in 2011 European Union (EU) countries licensed arms exports valued at 37.5 billion euro – an increase of almost one fifth on 2010. The largest and fastest growing markets for weapons were in the Middle East and Asia, including countries embroiled in the uprisings of 2011, while Saudi Arabia replaced the USA as the largest customer. lees meer »

English summary: Militarisation of security - Inventory of Dutch companies

Militarisering van security - Een inventarisatie van Nederlandse bedrijven lees meer »

Official EU report on arms exports too late and incomplete, NGOs say

PRESS RELEASE   11 Januari 2012 --- The publication of the “Thirteenth Annual Report on Exports Control of Military Technology and Equipment”, covering 2010, raises many questions about the reliabilityof the data provided and on EU commitment to make arms export control effective, say NGOs working on the arms trade. lees meer »

European anti-arms trade network endorses international call for Israel arms embargo

11 July 2011- Seven years after the ruling by the International Court of Justice that the wall (the so-called "separation barrier ") between Israel and the Palestinian Territories was an illegal construction, European anti-arms trade groups have endorsed international calls for an arms embargo on Israel. lees meer »

Protest at shareholders meeting EADS, arms supplier to the Libyan war

No arms for dictators – no nuclear arms   Amsterdam, May 24 – On May 26 the Dutch Campagne tegen Wapenhandel will organise a picket line at the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) shareholders meeting in Amsterdam. EADS is one of the biggest European arms producers. Due to inadequate arms export regulation the company can export its weapons all over the world, also to dictatorships. Moreover the company is a nuclear weapons producer. lees meer »

Libyan war arms supplier meets in Amsterdam

Arms producer EADS has supplied arms to all parties in the Lybian war – to Khadaffi, to the British and the French and –through Qatar –also to the Lybian rebels. EADS is Europe’s second biggest arms producer and is also producing nuclear rockets. On Thursday May 26 EADS shareholders will meet in Amsterdam. The Campagne tegen Wapenhandel will organize a picket line. lees meer »

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