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Saudi tanks ready to crush dissent - with Thales Nederland equipment

Today Saudi protesters called for a "Day of Rage" . But the Saudi regime, one of the world's most repressive has made public protests illegal. Still several hundred people went out on the streets of Riyadh last week, as well as in other cities in the oil-rich country. They shouted slogans against the monarchy and demanded the release of political prisoners. The Saudi Interior... read more >

Dutch queen selling frigates to Oman

Woke up this morning with the news that the queen's highly controversial state visit (now reduced to 'just a dinner') to Oman was all about selling frigates to the sultan. De Volkskrant, which broke the news, adds a new twist to what has become a hotly debated issue in the Netherlands. While at first the whole visit appeared to be centred around the Dutch stake in the port of Sohar... read more >