The Pandemic Pivot John Feffer

Contribition to report from THE INSTITUTE FOR POLICY STUDIES, THE TRANSNATIONAL INSTITUTE, andFOCUS ON THE GLOBAL SOUTH - In June and July of 2020, the Institute for Policy Studies in-vited 68 of the world’s leading thinkers and activists to par-ticipate in eight in-depth discussions. Their task: to assess the implications of COVID-19 for key global issues as well as the potential for transformative change coming out of this crisis. They discussed a Green recovery, the global economy, corona-virus authoritarianism, migrants and refugees, budget priorities, the global ceasefire, international civil society, and multilateral cooperation. This report by John Feffer from the frontlines of global policy stands in stark contrast to the reality in the world
today. Reading it amounts to a return to sanity and humane gov-ernance, and illuminates the way forward that is still possible if we begin soon.