How the $68 Billion Border Surveillance Industrial Complex Affects Us All

Maeve Higgins, Vice, 11 June 2021 - It’s not every day you uncover an industry that connects family-run construction companies in Australia with remote islands in Oceania, and London bus drivers with Afghan teenagers trapped in Serbia, and former MI6 heads with subsistence farmers in Niger. But such an industry does in fact exist, and it’s already huge and predicted to grow faster and bigger than ever before, to a total value of around $68 billion (around £48 billion) by 2025 – higher than the annual GDP of most countries. This industry is quite literally all around us, but we can’t always see it, which is interesting, because it can often see us. [...]

So who are the corporations and investors profiting from this industry that’s at best ethically dubious and at worst deadly? A new report from the Transnational Institute (TNI), in collaboration with Stop Wapenhandel, an anti-arms trade organisation based in the Netherlands, has identified many of the companies that provide services like border security (including monitoring, surveillance, walls and fences), biometrics and smart borders, migrant detention facilities, deportation services, and audit and consultancy services.