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Let's talk about war

Debate 28 Feb Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam Security is the religion of our times. Frame any problem as a security problem and military means quickly pop up as the answer. Migration, climate change and poverty are often framed as threats instead of complex social, economic and political questions. The arms industry is pushing this approach. lees meer »

UK-French border cooperation at Calais increases violence against and risks for refugees

Calais/Amsterdam, 6 February 2020 – In the last two weeks French authorities once again cleared refugee settlements at Calais, while the British border force has started to use drones to spot and stop migrant boats crossing the Channel. These actions are part of the increasing repressive border security cooperation between the UK and France, as described in the report 'Hunted. Detained. Deported: UK-French co-operation and the effects of border securitisation on refugees in Calais', published by Care4Calais and Stop Wapenhandel today. This report shows that the UK has paid France hundreds of millions of pounds to increase border security at Calais, resulting in more violence against, and risks for, refugees. After Brexit even more stringent border security measures at and around Calais can be expected. lees meer »

From the Sahara to the Sea: Militarizing European Border Zones

Film and Panel Sunday December 16 14:30H - 19:30H Studio/K Timorplein 62 Amsterdam - Since 1993, more than 27,000 people have drowned in the mediterranean sea trying to reach Europe. 6000 more died in detention centers, at the hands of militarised police forces and from deportations. These are staggering figures, yet they only represent those whose deaths have been documented. lees meer »

De risico’s van het nieuwe EU Defensiefonds

Gemeenschappelijke verklaring 16/11/2018 - Onze EU-leiders discussiëren momenteel over de volgende meerjarenbegroting die zal lopen van 2021 tot 2027. Eén van de voorstellen kwam tot nog toe weinig onder de aandacht van het publiek en werd nauwelijks geanalyseerd in de EU-media, laat staan binnen de lidstaten. Het recent gevormde Europees Defensiefonds verdient echter meer kritisch debat, met een voorgenomen budget van 13 miljard euro voor het nieuw werkdomein Onderzoek& Ontwikkeling van nieuwe wapens en militaire technologie. lees meer »

The European Parliament allowed for a further step towards EU militarisation and the development of controversial weapons

03 July 2018 - Press release - Brussels - Today the European Parliament adopted the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) proposed by the European Commission in June 2017, as a precursor of the future European Defence Fund. The European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) is highly concerned by the adoption of such programme to subsidize the arms industry. lees meer »

Over 142.000 EU citizens ask EU: don't invest in arms

Press release - Brussels January 23, 2018 – Today representatives of the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) and WeMove.EU handed over more that 142.000 signatures of European citizens to the cabinet of Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, lees meer »

2016 sees more EU border militarisation, arms industry profits from refugee tragedy

The European Union’s investment in border security measures boomed in 2016, a new report reveals, with prominent arms and security firms being the main beneficiaries. The militarisation of EU’s borders has however come at a terrible human cost, with the highest ever recorded yearly death toll of over 4700 known deaths in the Mediterranean sea, as refugees are forced to resort to ever more dangerous routes to enter Europe. lees meer »

Press Release: Organisations dispute arms export license for Egypt in court

Amsterdam/Utrecht, 6 July 2016 – Today the Dutch Section of the International Commission of Jurists (NJCM) and the peace organisations PAX and Stop Wapenhandel have appealed against the Dutch government’s decision to grant an arms export license . According to these organisations, the license should not have been granted The government has not, or insufficiently, taken human rights and the Egyptian involvement in the Yemen war into consideration. This is the first time an organisation has disputed an arms export license in this legal manner. lees meer »

The European arms dealers profiting from the refugee crisis

Press release Amsterdam, 4 July 2016 -  The European arms industry, involved in selling arms to the Middle East, is the same one now profiting from militarising EU’s borders, reveals a new report researched by the Dutch NGO Stop Wapenhandel and published by Transnational Institute. lees meer »

Help refugees, stop arms trade!

In 2015 global military spending has reached $1700 billion, which is good news for the arms industry. At the same time, 60 million people are made refugees as a consequence of conflict and violence. While arms companies are increasing their profits and shareholder value, weapons from Europe cause a lot of despair. The Netherlands is the home base of arms producer Airbus, the 7th largest global arms producer and second of Europe. Recently Airbus Typhoon fighter jets are bombing targets in Syria and Iraq. lees meer »

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