Israel and the international arms trade, companies involved

August 2014 - Israel is an important arms exporter and importer. During the decade of 2004 to 2013 Israel was the eleventh biggest arms exporter in the world, and the thirteenth biggest arms importer. We made a short overview of the Israeli and international companies connected to the most important arms transfers to the Israeli Defence Forces in recent years. lees meer »

Arming the European Union?

05/08/2014 Wendela de Vries - Published War Profiteers Magazine Last year, the powerful DG Trade and Enterprise of the European Commission published a Communication on the European arms industry, stressing the need for a strong European arms industry. lees meer »

Reflection on the 15th EU Consolidated Report on arms export

Brussels 24/03/2014 Campagne tegen Wapenhandel – Wendela de Vries COARM-NGO meeting Thanks to the organisers for this opportunity to reflect on the Consolidated Report. To begin with, I want to point out why this report is important to NGOs. lees meer »

We have an Arms Trade Treaty. What difference does it make?

War Profteers News, April 2013 - According to the Control Arms Coalition, which lobbied for a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), we have reached “the dawn of a new era” now that the UN General Assembly has adopted the treaty. lees meer »

Europe’s guns, debt and corruption

OpenDemocracy, 27 April 2013 by Frank Slijper. This second of two essays on military spending and the EU crisis, explores the role of the European arms trade, corruption and the role of arms exporting countries in fuelling a debt crisis, and why these 'odious' debts need to be written off. lees meer »

Austerity in Europe? Tighten the military belt, 24 April 2013 by Frank Slijper. Five years into the economic crisis in Europe and the elephant in the room is the role of military spending in causing and perpetuating the economic crisis. As social infrastructure is slashed, spending on weapon systems has hardly been reduced. lees meer »

High EU defence spending 'perpetuating' economic crisis

Public Service Europe - The years of high European military spending and corrupt arms deals contributed to the debt crisis in countries, such as Greece and Portugal, and continue to weigh heavy on future budgets in all troubled EU member states - warns researcher lees meer »

Romania arms export to Israel

Januari 2013 - Nicola Sovra Romania is the 4th European arms exporter to Israel and Israeli forces are using Romania for training, based on secret agreements. This article gives some figures. Romania arms export to Israel lees meer »

Power fights in the European arms industry

Friedensforum, autumn 2012 by Wendela de Vries -- In the same week the Nobel Peace prize was rewarded to the European Union, merger negotiations for what could give Europe the worlds' biggest arms company failed in the last minute due to political interests. lees meer »

European arms trade, controlled but not restricted

After the United States the European Union is the biggest global arms exporter. Therefore a good European arms export policy will contribute to global stability and peace, whereas a sloppy policy comes with great risks. The role of Germany is crucial. lees meer »

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