Strategic morality The relationship between political aims, military strategy and military technology

Karel Koster, Research department Socialist Party Netherlands Lecture for the ENAAT meeting may 2010 lees meer »

22-25 januari 2010 Nonviolent Livelihood Struggle and Global Militarism

Ahmedabad, India, 22 - 25 Januari 2010. Workshop by Wendela de Vries lees meer »

19 november 2009 The EU and Arms Export Controls: Some Current Issues.

COARM-NGO Meeting  Brussel, organised in cooperation between the Swedish Presidency of the EU, Saferworld, SIPRI, Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society and GRIP. Session on Criteria Implementation with Frank Slijper (Campagne tegen Wapenhandel) lees meer »

14-15 May 2009 Potentially powerful; The European Defence Agency at five years

Frank Slijper Presentation at the conference “Militarism: Political Economy, Security, Theory”, University of Sussex lees meer »

EU NGO submission to COARM

EU NGO submission to COARM on harmonisation among EU Member States on end-use and post-export controls, May 2008   lees meer »

Response to the ETI Green Paper

Campagne tegen Wapenhandel, August 2006 by Frank Slijper. lees meer »

Comments on Consultation Paper on the Intra-Community Circulation of Products for the Defence of Member States

European Network Against Arms Trade, March 2006 -- This paper by the Directorate General Enterprises and Industry of the European Commission proposes a specific legislative instrument for defence markets, thereby paving the way for EU Member States to come to an agreement to weaken, or even abolish, the principle of prior authorisation with regard to the circulation of all defence-related products within the European Union. lees meer »

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